WPBakery won't update

We have two environments with Betheme licensed in both. From what I understand Betheme uses WPBakery. In one environment WPBakery has been updated to 6.9.0, but in the other environment it's stuck on 6.7.0, and when we try to update it we get the error:

"An error occurred updating WPBakery Page Builder. To receive automatic updates license activation is required. Please visit Settings to active your WPBakery Builder."

I had a look in Settings but it's not clear how to resolve this. I thought WPBakery was licensed through the Betheme license.

Please help.


  • Hi,

    You can install and update the bundled plugin from Betheme -> Plugins.

    If the newest version is not available yet, please wait for it. The plugins you buy with the theme are not premium plugins. If you want instant updates, you have to purchase the plugins separately.

    However, we do not use WPBakery in any of our demos. If you are not using this builder for your pages, you do not have to have it installed.


  • Ok good to know. I don't believe we are using WPBakery so I'll get rid of it.

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