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Blog system and Blog element

Hi.. ok so I need to ask, bear with me.

Regarding the Blog system and the blog element.

This seems like what I am asking should be possible, since it works (using wp-bakery in other themes). Maybe I am doing it wrong in this Betheme system.

3 First things first.

So the way you have it currently is you need to assign a specific page for the blog, and assign it in the settings and so on. (understood)

You can can add filters for all categories and tags, and even authors.. (understood)

You can open a specific category page using the URL like. .....category/news/ .. but...

3.A first question:

If I click another category in the filter after having visited https://liasidik.com/category/news/ for example. It seems I can't select any other category or tag. It just won't work...

  • Please try to clicking articles.. or whitespace.. nothing happens... ?

3.B option 2 - creating a separate page, and adding a blog element

If I create a page (i.e. news).. and add the blog element... I then assign the 'news' category so it will only load 'news'. It works (understood)

If I add multiple categories.. it works (meaning it will show all assigned categories in the blog thing)... but the filter won't appear. Regardless of the fact I clicked to show filter.

  • So let's say I create a page called 'news'
  • I add a blog element..
  • I add both 'news'.. and 'articles' in the multiple category bit..
  • I turn on filter...

The expected result would be it would load both categories.. but also have the filter appear, so the user can select either 'news'.. or 'articles'.... but it can't

Having tried a number of things I am stumped.. and confused, maybe I am doing something wrong.

Basically what I want.. is to know if your blog system uses the standard blog element you would find in something like wpbakery - where we can add all the categories we'd want to load into a blog element.. we can then add a filter to filter all assigned categories.. and exclude all other categories we don't want to appear.

Thus enabling us to create specific pages dedicated to one category. i.e if I wanted to create something like:

page 1. 'Math's classes' (it will load only all 'Math's classes' as assigned to that element.. with category filters associated i.e. - algebra, multiplication etc)

page 2, could be 'language class'.. and so on... French, English etc. etc.

Anyway I hope you get what I mean.

Other than that the theme is excellent. Greatest pro is the device preview... but not having this blog feature is kind of a deal breaker sadly.



  • Hello,

    3A) You have the jQuery filtering option enabled. However, it works correctly only when you load all posts on a page. If you do not want to load all your posts on a single page, you need to disable this option in Betheme -> Theme options -> Blog & Portfolio -> Blog.

    3B) In the Blog element, there is information that Filters work only with the category set to all.

    However, with some CSS, it is possible to hide posts from a particular category and this category from the filter list. I can help you with that, but you would have to send a link to your website and tell me which posts you want to hide.

    Best regards

  • Hi Phil.

    Ah k..

    3A. we can actually send user to a category page direct from a link such as : https://liasidik.com/category/news/ and they can click the other categories, and it will load the page containing the associated posts, but it can't use the animated jQuery filtering method.. (sad because that is a nice effect) ah well, good to know thanks.

    3B I understand, thanks. So just use some CSS to hide the other categories. I assume same process to remove tags.

    btw for https://define.my.id/projects/ I set to 'Author box' to 'off' in the Betheme settings, but it still appears in the filter. Is this the right place? or is this for something else?

    I was however able to hide the Author using this.

    #Filters .filters_buttons li.authors {



    I guess for future reference can you help to use https://define.my.id/projects/ and show me how I would hide a category.. (currently there is only one) and one of the tags? 'Restaurant' perhaps as an example?

    I may consider the way I build this, and other websites knowing all this.

  • You can use these CSS to hide elements related to category:

    Category in filters -> a[data-rel='.category-projects']{display: none !important;}

    Records with categrory -> .post-item.category-projects{display: none;}


  • Hi thanks Pablo.

    ok I managed to get it to work as you described... on a custom blog page https://liasidik.com/news_custom/ by using some css as described above, where I hid the news and academy category.. and hid the authors and tags filter options. Cool works thanks.


    display: none !important;



    display: none !important;


    #Filters .filters_buttons li.authors {



    #Filters .filters_buttons li.tags {




    The next thing I would like to know though as in the first post with section 3A, is if I was to create a text link somewhere externally... i.e a FB link... or a sub menu under News on this website.. (i.e. 'Whitespace' ) as an example... it would load (https://liasidik.com/news_custom/).. and automatically display 'Whitespace' category results, of course the user could also click the 'Articles' category from the filter... if they chose to later...

    The reason I ask is I can't figure it out... so it seems if I 'right click' the and copy the URL on the filter i.e. the Whitespace category... it gives me this URL... https://liasidik.com/category/whitespace/

    when I open that page... It works... it shows 'whitespace' content... But if i click the other category in the filter (which is Articles) nothing happens?

    Hopefully you understand.


  • When you open the category page from a direct link then only posts from that category are loaded, and that is why jQuery filtering is not working (there are no other posts to load).

    I have passed it to the dev team, and we will add an option to disable or disable completely jQuery filtering on the category pages, so when you switch to another category, the page will reload, but the posts will load. Keep an eye on our changelog, so you will know when we introduce it.

    At the moment, you can hide the Filter on the category pages with the following CSS code:

    .archive.category #Filters{
       display: none;

    Thanks to that, visitors cannot choose other categories and will not see the blank results.

    Best regards

  • Hi thanks for your info.

    I think I can work something out with that.

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