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So I had to update a website of mine to PHP 8 and the revolution slider would make the website have a "critical" error.

How can I create a header image without revslider? I can't use the "hide subheader" option because the other pages are using a subheader image.

It's only for the front page.


Thank you in advance,



  • Hi,

    Every page has its own to hide the Subheader, which can be found under the Page Options.

    So you can hide it on the Home page, and build the hero slider with the builder.

    Best regards

  • Thanks for your response.

    How do I get the header to be bigger? Now it's small and you can only see a piece of the picture.

    How do I also remove the breadcrumb on only the homepage without removing all the breadcrumbs on the other pages?

  • 1) Can you attach a screenshot showing what you refer to, please?

    2) If you would like to hide the breadcrumbs only on the Home page, you will have to write a custom CSS code. Do you need help with writing it?

    Best regards

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