User Profile Box In Header Menu

I have a box with nothing in it, that actually contains the users profile.

It sits to the left of the CART item in the MENU, but as it doesn't have any text or pictures in it, no one knows what it is.

It also blocks the MENU drop down on cellphones, so people find it difficult to navigate to the MENU and subsequent pages.

Can i either move this box below the MENU, and add some text or picture so people know what it actually is.

you can view it on our site




  • Hi,

    Do you mean this box?:

    Is it invisible only when you are logged or are there any steps to reproduce this issue?

    Best regards

  • So it appears that Chrome as the browser doesn't show the little man in the box, but the little man does show up in other browsers...

    I"m still trying to find a way of moving that little box so that cellphone users can access the three lined menu.

  • The user icon also appears on Chrome for me.

    Also, I do not see that icon on the mobile version, and the menu opens without any problems.

    Did you handle it?

    Best regards

  • FYI.., this issue is only visible using a cell phone in vertical view.,,

    So after creating a new ‘non-admin’ user and logging in to the site, the box doesn’t show up on any browser.

    i then added myself as an online member to see the protected stuff, and the little box with the man in doesn’t show up covering the MENU.

    i then logged in as admin, and the box is back covering the MENU (in vertical cellphone mode)

    when i turned the cellphone sideways, the box moves to the admin bar area and the menu is visible again!

    So i guess its an admin bar related issue that only admins see, so u can live with that.

    Thanks for your help.


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