Some bugs in BeBuilder Blocks

edited December 2022 in BeBuilder


Thank you for the theme, very-very power and useful. But there are some issues.

1/ Helper block. But I see - there is a problem across all blocks, column do the same: If I use CUSTOM Additional CSS in Advanced section Be compiles it with semicolon from the beginning of the line. The result - css does not work. See the attach file. (Update in an hour - investigated that problem: css still works, but it's better to remove semicolon)

2/ List Block. Adding that block I can't make it more then 1/4 layout. The + button of the block does not work. I have to use instead dimension inside the block, but this is not right.

3/ And at least - look, is there a possibility to enlarge title section in BeBuider Blocks? There is a free space, title has a lot of characters + span styles and to edit it now - very uncomfortable: look the att.

Thank You!



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