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Errors between back- and frontend / backend functionallity

Hi there,

I´m working on this staging-site and particualarly on this page: and it comes to errors after saving the page in the backend.

I had made a secont "bigger table" saved it, worked on it, saved it again yesterday... and today everythings gone 😱

And now trying to set up products (see red marks on both attached screenshots) there is again a difference between the backend and frontend.

Also the "preview function" and the "import / export" doesn´t work anymore.

I´ve already tried everything from logging out, starting in a fresh browser (with clean cookies and caches), deactivated / reactivated all plugins... updated everything... and nothing helps.

Could you please give me a hand?

I will send you a user and admin acces right away as usual through the contact form on your page.

Looking forward to your help.

Many thanks and best regards,



  • Hi,

    The login credentials you have sent do not have admin rights, and I could not check anything.

    Can you change this user privileges, please?


  • Hi Phil,

    sorry, now you have admin rights... 😳

    Best regards,


  • Hi Phil,

    I believe to have found the problem – it was the max_input_vars setting on the server.

    I have a suggestion: how about setting up a warning in the WP Dashboard and also as little popup in the Plugins to avoid overseeing this...?

    As for me and for now – mission accomplished.

    Best regards,


  • Good to hear that you found it.

    If I remember well, we wanted to add some warnings beyond the Betheme -> System Status to alert users about these values, but we encountered some obstacles. Anyway, I will inform the dev team.

    Best regards

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