Can I build custom apps inside the theme?


I was thinking of implementing a "get proposal" feature in my site. where people will use a slider for the level of complexity they want, and other information and when click send, it can be sent via email to me.

was thinking to hire a programmer for that, but wondering first if I can implement something like that inside the page. (probably custom code)



  • Hello,

    If I understood well, I am afraid that such a feature will not be possible.

    But to be sure, can you send me some website examples with that? Or attach screenshots presenting how it should look.

    Best regards

  • The idea is to build something like this in this page.

    I was thinking to hire a programmer to do that, but i need to know first if the theme supports it.

  • We do not have such feature in our theme.

    You would have to hire a programmer for that.

    Best regards

  • That is my intention too. But how can I implement it?

    put a pharagraph and convert it to code like I did with calendly integration?

    Would the theme support something like that or is there a different way to do it?

  • The programmer should be able to implement that for you, but most likely, it will be a script that you will have to put in the theme files or in Betheme -> Theme options -> Custom CSS & JS -> JS, and you on a page will have to put a div with a class or ID to which this script will refer. You can put div (or any other HTML tags) in a Column Text element.

    Best regards

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