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Open a photo slider/gallery from icons in feature list


I have a client who would like to have a camera icon next to some of the items in an unordered list. I am trying to accomplish this using the Feature List. It is all working great except that when I click on the icon to open the photo, it is just opening the photo on a plain black page. There is no way to get off that page except to close the browser tab.

I'd like for the photo to open in a slider so the user can click through the other photos that are linked to in the other feature items or something like that. If there is a better option than using the feature list, I'm fine with that as well. I have tried many different options and just can't seem to get the right combination.

Here's a link to my page: https://www.thespires.org/sandbox/amenities-features/.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


  • Hello,

    The only option where the lightbox slider will show up is by using the Gallery item.

    You can use the Icon Box element, with a link to an image and target set to Lightbox so that the image will open in a lightbox. Still, there will be no option to have arrows to display the following image, and the user will have to exit Lightbox and open another one.

    Best regards

  • Hmmm. OK. Thank you. This is a major problem as my client really wants this feature for the site. I'll see if I can convince them that only opening one photo at a time is the best option!

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