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Mega menu not showing


I followed the tutorial with the video and copied the menu. Only when I link it to a menu item it is not displayed.

Menu is assigned to button PARKET, but when hovering it, nothing shows.




  • Hello,

    To use the new Mega Menu feature, you have to use the header built with the Header Builder 2.0, then it will work.

    Check the video tutorial about new header builder below:


  • II looked into it and managed to create a header and several mega menus in it.

    I just can't get it done with the burger menu. It doesn't work to show it only under 1120px.

    If i set Custom visibility -> show under -> 1120px it isn't showing at all. If i let it blank it wil show always.

    The header with menu is only visible on this page.


  • Hey,

    Please send us WordPress dashboard access privately thru the contact form, which is on the right side at, and we will check what might be the reason.


    Please attach a link to this forum discussion.

    Sending incorrect or incomplete data will result in a longer response time.

    Therefore, please ensure that the data you send are complete and correct.


  • Now the burger menu shows under 1120px width.

    Please, check that.

    Best regards

  • Hello,

    Is see it works under 1120px on my pc, but it is not showing on mobile phones.



  • That is because you do not have a header created for mobile display.

    Please, check the following video tutorial:


  • edited January 11


    I created everything i need.

    But after the last update (26.6.7), some templates are not displayed properly when I try to edit them.

    My header template is no longer visible when I edit it in the BeBuilder. Tried going back to previous version but it still doesn't work.

    The same goes for 1 of the 3 mega menus I have. Is displayed on the website correctly but cannot edit it in de BeBuilder.

    The templates that i can edit will not show the changes i made on the live site. I already cleared all cache.

    This is a megamenu on the site

    And this is the same one in the editor

    Thanks for the support


  • How did you create these mega menus?

    Did you create them from scratch or clone them?

    If you cloned them, the styles are not assigned properly.

    Go to History, save revision, restore it, and update the mega menu template. Then styles will assign correctly.

    Best regards

  • Hello,

    Yes i made the first one and then i cloned them and adjust them.

    Your tip did the trick.

    Thanks (again)

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