Bugs when Editing Mega Menu in Bebuilder

Hi, I watched the video about building Mega Menu in Bebuilder. But when I tried to edit the menu myself, the live page says "

Ooops... Error 404

We are sorry, but the page you are looking for does not exist.

Please check entered address and try again"

What should I do now? Theme is up to date, version 26.6.7. Thanks!


  • I edit it in Templates Bebuilder

  • Hi Eric, I found out how to fix this on my end:

    1. Go to Settings/Permalinks in your dashboard
    2. Change the permalink settings to any OTHER setting than what you have there now (remember or copy your current setting if it's a custom one) and save.
    3. Change the settings back to your initial permalink setting and save again.

    Now the BeBuilder templates work again. At least on my setup this solves the issue. If it doesn't on your end, then admins please delete my post :(

    best regards,


  • Hello,

    Please go to Settings -> Permalinks, and if you have the Permalink structure set to Plain, change it to any other.

    If it is set to a structure other than Plain, resave this setting, and check the template edit then.


  • Thanks, man, I previously set to the post name. I think that's the setting's fault, I have just turn on the Templates function. I guess maybe everytime you turn on this function, you need to set the permanlinks one time to make it work

  • Thanks, Phil, problem solved,  I guess maybe everytime you turn on the Templates function, you need to set the permanlinks one time to make it work. The permanlinks is already post name, I set it one more time, it works

  • In the next update, this problem will be solved because we located the root cause of this behavior and corrected it.

    Best regards

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