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the theme is full of bugs !!! specially with bebuilder!!

the theme is full of bugs !!! specially with bebuilder!!

i want a tech support who can help me and fix those issues or refund me !! because i can't take it anymore !!


  • no thank , i will not continue with this broken theme anymore

  • Hi,

    Sorry that you encountered problems, but you did not mention them here.

    If you describe your issue in more detail, and attach screenshots and a link to your website, I would gladly assist you.

    Best regards

  • after i use a prebuilt website "clothes shop"

    1- bebuilder crashes when i add products to woocommerce and it works when i deactivate the whole plugin

    2-bebuilder some how remover last 2-3 sections from homepage automatically after i make some changes !!

    3- when i install prebuilt website it does not come with all the data ... categories and attribuites are gone and i have to write then all again

    4- any changes i make in the theme options to woocommerce pages is not applied at all it only stays with the default layout

    5-analytics and reports are always glitchy and needs a lot of refreshing to work.

    6-woocommerce products is glitchy it mixes the images and each product catches random images of there products.

    and lots of other glitches and bugs i can't even write them all

    there is tons of problems so i guess the best solution to all those problems is a refund ,because i am not ready to wait for those fixes to happen .

  • 1, 6) To check that, I would need access to your WP dashboard.

    2, 3, 4) Seems to be issues related to a server that does not meet theme requirements. You should check Betheme -> System Status, and if you have anywhere red cross there, your server administrator should change this value to minimum required.

    5) I do not understand this point, and it would be great if you explain it in more detail.

    But if you need a refund, please send this information privately thru the contact form, which is on the right side at


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bedava hesaplar nulled scripts mod apk indir youtube mp3 dönüştürücü