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Betheme builder item - portfolio grid: how to add the posts?


I would like to know what is supposed to be seen into the BETHEME builder item PORFOLIO GRID. I can read: NUMBER OF POSTS: .--

But what do you mean by posts?

I have posts like this:

and these are simple articles.

I am looking to create a page of projects: but where I put them so they appear in PORFOLIO GRID, when I select them.

Because it is not showing even these posts. So what do you mean by posts?

Thank you


  • Hi,

    Posts are portfolio posts. Please, check the following screenshots for a better understanding:

    On your screenshot, I can see that you do not have featured images set for portfolios, and that is why the Portfolio Grid element does not show anything.

    If you do not plan to add featured images, please, use the Portfolio element.

    Best regards

  • thank you so much!

    I can see that I can only edit the portfolio with the BETHEME builder, can I enable the elementor builder? And how ?

    thank you a lot

  • I have another question related to the bebuilder and the use of the picture as featured.

    So, to decide which picture will be visible in the preview on the porfolio grid, I do have to add it here, right? on the right down. right?

    but then, I see it in the main porfolio item page: (while I am trying to edit with betheme).

    and in the published page it looks like this:

    So I don't want to see the pciture like this. I think this is the one should just appear in the preview as a grid porfolio view. The picture also has a motion: when hoovering with the mouse, the picture zooms. i don't want it.

    Can you help me?

    This is how i see the portfolio page:

    Please, help.

    Also, I would like, as I said to use elementor if possible.

  • Another thing about the same issue:

    How do I hide these informations:??

    PUBLISHED BY: _______

    DATE: ______

    I would like to HIDE the date, but if possible, can I change the date here?

    Last thing:

    I do I change the term: PORTFOLIO ITEM in the link of the page?

    I would like to use the term: CASE STUDIES

    thank you

  • 1) Editing Portfolio with Elementor can be set up in Elementor -> Settings -> General.

    2) In the Portfolio settings, set the template option to Builder.

    3) Portfolio permalinks can be set in Betheme -> Theme options -> Blog & Portfolio -> Portfolio.

    Best regards


    I tried to insert the porfoglio BE photo in the page and I can see the pictures so big: I used the zoom ti make you understand the problem:

    I would like them to be one next to each other, not one below the other. I even selected 6 posts in the settings, but still I see them so big.

    What can I do?

  • There is no setting to change that.

    As a workaround, you can put two Portfolio Photo elements in two columns next to each other and set different categories to display (if you do not have any categories, you need to create them).

    Best regards

  • done, thank you! but this couldbe a good idea to implement.

  • Hello, can I ask anothe information about the portfolio ?

    If I want to use the BE- PORTFOLIO, I see that the text in not adjustable, right? If it is, can you tell me how to adjust the font and the padding of the text? Also, can I choose the text to be in the middle. center? and not like this in the top-left?

    In the mobile version, I see the text very badly at the very edge and it is not nice.

    I tried also the PORTFOLIO PHOTO in betheme and I see on the phone this way:

    In the desktop I see it completely different:

    Can you tell me how to adjust this bad view of both portfolios versions?

    thank you.

    In the same page, I see the sidebar in the mobile version, at the very end of the page--- isn't it strange?

    Shall I see it on the left like a hidden menu? can it be like this?

    Thank you

  • 1) With BeBuilder, you could easily adjust this display with a Style tab.

    With Elementor, you need to write a custom CSS code and place it in Betheme -> Theme options -> Custom CSS & JS -> CSS.

    2) Can you attach link to this page with Portfolio photos element, please? I need to take a closer look at this mobile view.

    3) Go to Betheme -> Theme options -> Responsive -> General, and change Mobile sidebar to Off-canvas.

    Best regards

  • sure:

    is here is link to the page:

    the page is public but not visible in the website menu for now

    from here you can access all porfolio elements.

    Shall I find this online?

    "With Elementor, you need to write a custom CSS code and place it in Betheme -> Theme options -> Custom CSS & JS -> CSS."

    thank you for the solution of the off-canvas sidebar on mobile.

  • 1) I can help you with some minor customization, but for a more advanced one, you should contact your web developer.

    .portfolio_wrapper .portfolio-item .entry-title{
       font-size: 26px;
       line-height: 1.3em;
       text-align: center;
    .portfolio_wrapper .portfolio-item .desc-wrapper{
       width: 100%!important;
       font-size: 12px;
       line-height: 1.4em;
       text-align: center;
    .portfolio_wrapper .portfolio-item .desc-inner{
       padding: 20px;

    2) Elementor styles overwrite ours, and the "Read more" text is not visible because of that.

    Probably it comes from Site Settings -> Typography.

    These colors should be unset, like in my screenshot.

    Best regards

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