Website is moved to staging domain and now we can't update the theme on the staging domain


Because of many open updates we decided to create a staging development site to update everything there and afterwards point the domain to the new enviroment. The first thing is done, but now we can't update the theme and I think it's because the theme is activated on the main domain. There is a button called "deregister domain" but I don't like to press that button because It looks like the live website will stop working.

Hope you guys can help me out,

Cheers, Mark


  • Hi,

    All of the themes on the Envato market are under the same license. Details:

    You can use one license per end product to use any pre-built website you desire or mix them, but you cannot use the theme license on two domains.

    The only exceptions are for subdomains or subfolders. You can register unlimited subdomains with one license key, as long as the main domain is registered under the same key.

    This also applies to subfolders on localhost installations.

    So if the stage domain was not on a subdomain, you need to deregister it from there.


  • Hi Phil,

    Thank you for your reaction, sorry for my late reaction I didn't get a notificaation of your comment. By deregister will the live site still work. What happens when I click on the deregister button? And do I click the button on the live site or the temporary domain? I have bought the license again to use on the temporary domain. The new license needs to be activated on the temporary domain.



  • After deregistering, you will not have access to some of Betheme's features, but the website will stay untouched, and you can register a new license key.

    So if you deregister the license key only for a time when registering it on the main domain, nothing wrong will happen. However, if you finish your website, deregister the license key, and use it for a new one without removing the previous website, it violates the license terms & conditions, and the license key will be blocked.

    Also, there were some updates about staging domains recently. You can find more info about it here:

    Best regards

  • Thank you Phil, I think I understand the concept now :-)



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