Change Button text on a Variable Product to say "Add to Cart" INSTEAD of "Select options"

Hi there, I've made a catalog of variable products (based on two classes - color and size)

I've made the button background and text colors the same as the background, so it gives the illusion that they aren't present until the user hovers over the button with their cursor. However, since adding the extra variables of size and color, the button text displays "Select options" (Screenshot 1)

How can I change the button to say "Add to Basket", instead of "Select options", furthermore once the button is activated by the user, to actually have the item automatically added to the basket, without them having to go inside the detailed product page? (below)

Currently, the user has to enter the product template and confirm BOTH the color and size by clicking on them in order to enable the "Add to cart" button and return a stock availability message.


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