Porfolio - Masonry hover details - Title allways visible - BE: version 26.7

Hello Team Beforum,

were using Porfolio Masonry Hover Details.

It look great and works perfect.

There ist only one thing ... the title thats appears at hover, should be visible allways.

So that yout have information "whats about it", without any interaction.

We cant find that options in the style tab for Portfolio Element.

Thank you


  • The Problem is cleared :-) Thank you

  • Hi,

    Great to see that you handled it.

    Is there anything else I can help you with?

    Best regards

  • As for noew not. tank you

    for community, our solution:

    body .portfolio_group.masonry-hover .portfolio-item .masonry-hover-wrapper .hover-desc{

     opacity: 1!important;

     background: transparent!important;


    body .portfolio_group.masonry-hover .portfolio-item:hover .masonry-hover-wrapper .hover-desc{

     background: #fff !important;


    body .portfolio_group.masonry-hover .portfolio-item .masonry-hover-wrapper .hover-desc .desc-wrapper{

     opacity: 0!important;


    body .portfolio_group.masonry-hover .portfolio-item:hover .masonry-hover-wrapper .hover-desc .desc-wrapper {

     opacity: 1!important;


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