How to I get rid of unwanted white space around "hero"

On home page (front page) I have an image that I want to take up the entire section. I have white space on the sides and bottom that I want to eliminate. I can't (yet) figure out how to do that. Please advise.


  • Hi,

    Please, go to Image options, and in the Advanced tab, change the margin value to zero.


  • That didn’t work. I think the white space at bottom increased.

    I tried setting the padding to 0px also. No improvement. I am sending log in credentials via email

  • Hello,

    This is because of two things.

    The white space is your content background color, you can change that in the Theme Options -> Colors

    1) Your Footer is set to have position fixed, so it means it will be always on the bottom of the page, so if your page will not have the content, the white space will appear.

    2) The setting that Phil sent should be set in margin and padding to 0px, right now its using the default 14px value of grid space between elements.


  • I changed background to green and have 0px margins. I don't want any green space between image and footer. I tried to set the height of the section to 690 px which is the image height but that got rid of some of the green at the bott but not all. I only want the image on this page and I will add a button on top of it. No empty space. Please advise

  • Please paste that CSS code into Theme Options -> Custom CSS & JS -> CSS

    .has_content .the_content_wrapper{margin-bottom:0;}


  • edited February 2023

    I tried that. From what I can see it works. Tank you. Very helpful.

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