betheme update and wpbakery

Today I updated my Betheme to the latest version and after doing so wpbakery stopped working.

I made sure all my plugins were up to date and that did not resolve it.

I then disabled all my plugins and that did not resolve it.

I restored my website to the point just prior to me updating Betheme and just like that wpbakery is working fine again.

Can you help me understand what to do? i would like to update Betheme and I want to keep using wpbakery.

Thank you



  • Hey,

    Please update Betheme to the newest version, and send us the WordPress dashboard and FTP access privately thru the contact form, which is on the right side at, and we will check what might be the reason.


    Please attach a link to this forum discussion.

    Sending incorrect or incomplete data will result in a longer response time.

    Therefore, please make sure that the data you are sending are complete and correct.


  • I have checked your website, and it seems that none of your pages were made with WPBakery but with BeBuilder (previously named Muffin Builder).

    Are you sure that you did not confuse BeBuilder with WPBakery?

    Please, go to Betheme -> Theme options -> Global -> Advanced, and enable BeBuilder Blocks.

    After go to the page, edit, and check if this is your goal.


  • Well, I must admit that you are totally correct and I am totally wrong. I am unsure why I thought this was wpbakery. I got that idea in my head and never questioned it.

    Your solution worked great and I have applied it to all my site.

    Thank you so very much.


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