Several suggestions (addons, folders, webm,webp, converter)


The following features would be cool if you had them implemented:

  • actionable addons - so you could turn off certain features that people don't need and would make the page size smaller
  • Have a page/image/post Organisation tool with folders like firebird is for images but adapt this for all kinds of post.
  • Add a post type section to templates - so people can create their own post types
  • Add custom roles with different rights
  • Add a converter to make webp and webm files from images, gifs and videos
  • add that we can place webm video files into the page - works in WordPress backend but not frontend right now.
  • love the bebuilder -but there should be a block form/not as visual editor version also available to see/add things if there are problems inside the builder - so 2 different views for you page editor.
  • make presets from wraps, sections and Collums


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