I need an advice about customizing Templates for Search page, Side slider for Shop page do not work

I want add one more question please, and sorry for bothering you i'm really sorry for that. But it's my frist time ever to create a WebSite, that's why here is so many questions come throught.

And you didn't answer me for 4 days already at this topic (https://forum.muffingroup.com/betheme/discussion/comment/230259#Comment_230259) so I create a new one, hope u understand

So let's recap everything I wrote before:

  1. https://ablstore.kz/shop-2/ Infinite load are not working at the shop page as well.
  2. https://ablstore.kz/shop-2/ also Sidebar do not apears, and if there is some way to customize it's box, border, shape and shadow of all sidebar. It would be great, to be honest I didn't look coz I can't see the sidebar yet, only at widget page :D
  3. I want to use Elementor for customizing layout for Checkout, My account, Search Result's pages, how to use it coreccly to not facing issues in the future. Maybe some tips and tricks :D If there is some way to customize Search Page layout, Cart page, My account, Wishlist, and Checkout layout templates by using BeBuilder I would definetily not download elementor at this case. But if Not i need an Elemntor (Also would elementor take BeTheme elements ?);

Thank you for attention)


  • Hi,

    Please, do not create duplicate discussions.

    You wrote beyond my working time (on Saturday, so I would not say it is 4 days), so I could not answer you, and I received your correct WP data today at 11 AM.

    I will answer you in your original topic.


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