How do I remove the featured image from the page?

There used to be an option on the page editor to disable the featured image. It doesn't appear to be there anymore. What do I need to do to disable it?

Ideally I'd like to disable the featured image globally for all pages and blog posts.


  • Hi,

    There is an option for that, but it is reserved for posts.

    Can you attach a screenshot of what you want to eliminate, please?

    If you do not want to display an image, remove it in the Featured image tab.


  • Right, but if I remove a featured image from the page, doesn't that mean there will be no image attached as a thumbnail when I share it on social media?

    The part circled in red is the featured image. I don't want it to display on the page, but I DO want it to be the thumbnail when the page is shared off-site.

  • I think I figured out how to do it with Yoast, nvm

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