TABLE OF CONTENT alternative

help with the table of content item in wordpress.

please watch this video:

It shows the table of content item that when clicked , goes to the object chosen but the menu covers the section.

Please watch to understand. This page is not visible to everyone, only to members of the mwembership in Maelle.

Thank you


  • Hi,

    The element you showed in your video comes from Elementor, and we do not have an impact on that.

    You should contact Elementor support regarding this if you want to use it.

    Instead, you can use our Table of Content element.

    Best regards

  • can I insert it in a widget as a sidebar? and it become customizable related to the different page?

  • No, it cannot be inserted as a sidebar widget.

    If you would use BeBuilder, you could set it as a global wrap with sticky wrap options, but in Elementor, I do not see such an option.

    Best regards

  • Pease, watch this video

    and help me with the organization of the table of content. I don't know why it is not working properly.

    I will share my credentials to enter in my wp.admin backend and fix it already with a link to this post so you can do it straight.



  • since those are giving problems, I put them all invisibe to all devices, but I left themof course.

    Thank you, I sent the support on muffin group.

  • You also said this:

     global wrap with sticky wrap options

    could you share a link on spport about this? Or explain to me what this means?

  • 1) The problem was with the H1 tag hidden in the tabs hidden for desktop view on your page. We have corrected it by changing this tag from H1 to H3 because the Table of Content does not have access to information if the the section in Elementor is visible.

    2) Sure, here you can check video tutorials:

    Note that they refer to BeBuilder, not Elementor.

    Best regards

  • Hello, please could you help me understand what you did?

    I see two pages now (you created one as a proof I think), but I still see the problem of the strange titles in the TABLE Of CONTENT: please check these pictures of both pages:

    So I am not sure what you did, and how this is supposed to work. Shall i delete the proof page or the proof page is the correct one? In both I see the titles I should be not seeing.

    Please help again, you got my credentials to enter the wp-admin backend and check.

    Thank you

  • We created a second page for testing not to mess up your original one.

    This section is hidden on the desktop:

    The table of contents does not recognize if the section is hidden or not, and because this section contains a heading you set in ToC, it breaks its functionality.

    I have changed Heading in ToC to H1 because previously it was set to H3, which was also placed in the hidden section.

    Now everything should work correctly.

    If you want to set up two ToC for desktop and mobile, I suggest assigning to them different headings to prevent such problems.

    Best regards

  • Ciao, unfortunatelly, there are still some bugs on the system, please could you check this video:

    You will see that I am seeign the preview in a way and the editing page in another for long time, before the new setitngs takes place.

    You will see that I refreshed the page multiple times and still see a problem, while then all of a sudden it fixs itself. so strange.

    But most importantly it doesn't work properly on the phone view, please help. You can enter in the wp-admin ad check again.

    Thank you

  • I also have a doubt about the

    line element

    as you can see in both these pictures, the line I inserted into the EDIT BE TABS, is not visible on the element.

    So I inserted it in the editing colimn on the left, but it is not visible on the actual element.

    Please check this too.

    I think it may be a bug of the tabs element itself.

    Thank you

  • hello, I am doing the same on a another page, and I want to customize the color of the title of the tabs,

    please watch this video:

    and let me know if I can do anything. thank you

  • It is all because hidden sections contain headings set in ToC, and scripts cannot work properly.

    As it generates such problems, I suggest using one version for desktop and mobile.

    Tabs titles colors can be changed in Betheme -> Theme options -> Colors -> Elements

    But it is global for all tabs elements on your website. In Elementor, despite BeBuilder, there is no setting to change this color for one particular element.

    To achieve this and to change the color of the list markers, you will have to write a custom CSS code.

    Best regards

  • hello, how do you explain the fact that the line does not show up in the text online?

    Please read the message before called THE LINE ELEMENT. Thank you

  • Sorry I did not notice the message about the line.

    The line is there, but it is not styled anyhow.

    Best regards

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