After Betheme 26.7.4 update, adding new mega menu items breaks mega menu


I hope you can help. After Betheme => 26.7.4 update, adding new mega menu items breaks mega menu.

How can we add new items to the mega menu and create new mega menus from existing elements?

After update an account has been created and creds will be emailed for you to look.

Here's what the menu looked like originally (no account added)

Thank you for your help, this is very difficult.



  • Hi,

    If you want to use the new Mega Menu builder, please see the following video tutorial:

    Mega Menu templates work only with header templates made with Header Builder, so you need to create is as well.

    Best regards

  • Hello,

    So if we want to update the navigation and the site has been updated to a current version of Betheme, the header needs to be recreated as a template.

    I can't express how disappointing this incompatibility is. That we not only need to spend the time and money to build a new menu, we need to start with a new header template. That seems rather hostile to not build in backward compatibility. Especially if you want long-term customers with multiple sites.

    Really sorry to hear this.


  • While preparing the Mega Menu builder, we encountered many technical problems assigning these templates to headers from theme options. That is why it is available only with the Header Builder.

    I can assure you that the header style you have on your website can be easily reproduced with Header Builder, and you will surely be able to create it with the Header Builder.

    Best regards

  • Understand that's it's a complex situation but asking your understanding on our side that it's very difficult and expensive in terms of time and money, when changes are not backward compatible.

    Especially something as seemingly simple as adding a single nav item.

    It will tend to make our team not want to update, but even security updates aren't supported on previous versions.

    So that makes it difficult.

  • You can still use an old method of creating a Mega Menu:

    Now instead of the checkbox, select the -Automatic Mega Menu- option in the menu item.

    Unfortunately, some new features cannot work along with old ones because of technical barriers we cannot overcome. It is necessary to improve our theme and make it better with every update.

    I hope you understand,

    Best regards

  • Hi,

    Possibly I did something incorrectly. Trying that broke the Mega Menu.

    Using the Template approach did work, it just lost some of our custom styling.

    Thanks for your help,


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