Mega Menu via Templates subnav items


Recreating our mega menu b/c we needed to add one, single subnav item on and need a little help with the new mega menu template question, then have a solution to share.

We have created a mega menu template for each subnav.

One has regular nav item children that should be the full screen width. How can we make it full screen width? (original site is available at for comparison)

The share is that the regular subnav items are overrunning the subnav width. Fixed by adding the following CSS:

.mfn-megamenu-menu li .sub-menu {

width: auto !important;


Thanks for your help,



  • Hi,

    Please remove your CSS code, and try the following one:

    .mfn-megamenu-menu li > ul{
       position: fixed!important;
     left: 0!important;
     top: 114px!important;
     width: 100vw !important;
    .mfn-megamenu-menu li > ul li a{
       justify-content: center!important;

    Best regards

  • Thank you for sharing this solution. 🙂

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