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Slider stop working by itself

For some strange reason, Revo Slider on page www.tsobota.sk stop working.

I found plugin inactivated, but can´t re-activate it:

System status

Server Environment

  • MySQL Version 5.5.5
  • PHP Version  7.4.33
  • PHP Memory Limit  1 GB
  • PHP Time Limit  180
  • PHP Max Input Vars  7000
  • WP Max Upload Size 256 MB

WordPress Environment


### wp-active-theme ###

name: Betheme Child (betheme-child)

version: 2.0

author: Muffin group

author_website: https://muffingroup.com

parent_theme: Betheme (betheme)

theme_features: core-block-patterns, editor-style, automatic-feed-links, custom-logo, editor-styles, post-formats, post-thumbnails, title-tag, menus, widgets-block-editor, widgets

auto_update: Zakázané

### wp-parent-theme ###

name: Betheme (betheme)

version: 26.2.1

author: Muffin group

author_website: https://muffingroup.com/

auto_update: Zakázané


  • Hey,

    This message could mean that your license key is used on multiple domains. Please use the license manager to handle your license keys: http://forum.muffingroup.com/betheme/discussion/36219/cannot-register-deregister-your-license-key-use-this-tool#latest.

    If you see (on our license manager) that your license key is registered on a single domain, please disable all the plugins and deregister that license key (through the BeTheme -> Dashboard).

    After that, get into the license manager once more. If the license key is still claimed - deregister it. If it’s not, register it again on your domain (through the BeTheme -> Dashboard) and try to update your theme/plugins a couple of times (usually, it passes after 2-3 attempts) - remember, all of the plugins have to be disabled.

    Please also update your Betheme to the newest version.


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