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Mobile sidebar does not hide after click


I have two problems with mobile menu.

1) i don't see where are the options for sidebar (I would call it just mobile menu after clicking hambuger button). I have just list of labels and close icon. I see on websites there are really nice menus possible to create - but how? Video tutorial does not say almost anything about mobile menu.

2) clicking these labels (they contain #id, it is one page style) move content to appropriate place, but sidebare still remains open: user needs to click close button.

Test page here: https://test.akademiaskajkow.pl


  • Hi,

    1) All options for the side menu opened after clicking on the hamburger menu can be found in the Menu Burger element.

    2) Open this page options, and enable One Page in the Page options.

    Best regards

  • Great! "One page" option made it. I wondered what is option for ;-) It really makes One Page behaviour.

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