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The site I am working on has a plugin installed called "BeTheme Header Builder", which is at version I have the latest version of Betheme installed (26.7.5 as I write this). Is newer Header Builder (2.0) discussed in https://muffingroup.com/betheme/header-builder the same thing? Should I disable and delete the plugin? Is the 2.0 version installed with the theme without need of installing a plugin?


  • Hi,

    Header Builder 2.0 is not the same thing as the Header Builder plugin.

    Version 2.0 is part of the Betheme package and does not need separate installation.

    You can use the plugin installed there, but you will not have access to the features available in version 2.0. To build more advanced headers, I suggest using Header Builder 2.0, and then you can get rid of the plugin.

    Best regards

  • A couple of followup questions if I may:

    How can I tell if the current header of the site was built with the 1.x version of the header builder? I believe it was, since the site was built in 2020, but otherwise, how would I tell the difference (assuming I'm logged into the WordPress dashboard and can open BeBuiolder)?

    If it was built with 1.x is it possible to "import" the design into BeBuilder 2.x to work on it there?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Headers made with the first version of the Header Builder are placed in WP Panel -> Betheme -> Header Builder, and new ones are placed in WP Panel -> Templates.

    There is no option to export the layout from the previous version because they have a completely different construction.

    Best regards

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