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I created multiple single-product templates.

Product template 1 (Price, add to cart button): condition, category: 1,2,3

Product template 2 (Price, ask for more information button): condition, category: 4,5,6

Product template 3 (Full witdh, Price, ask for more information button): condition, product tag: custom

I want to use product template 3 (tag custom) for a specific product.

Product settings: category: 1,3,6 product tag: custom.

How do I force that only product template 3 overwrites the other templates?

There is also a bug:

If I edit the product, the elements of the multiple product templates are loaded, and the content is embedded twice on the front end.



  • Hello,

    1) Sorry but I quite do not understand. Can you explain in more detail what you mean by:

    How do I force that only product template 3 overwrites the other templates?

    Do you want this template to be by default for all products beyond the other two template conditions or to overwrite a template with one of two other templates?

    2) It is not a bug. Product content shows the default product template selected in the Theme options.

    Best regards

  • Hello,

    I created 3 different templates and only want to show the content from one of the templates, not the product content from the default selected template in the theme options. I use three different templates because it should allow showing different content depending on the conditions.

    Template 1 (default): show only the content from this template

    Template 2: If the conditions are met, only show the content blocks from this template, not the default one.

    Template 3: ...

  • In template one, set conditions to assign it to all products, and in templates two and three, set up conditions that will overwrite the first one.

    Best regards

  • Hello,

    That is exactly what I did, but the problem is that the overwrite doesn't work properly.

    It shows content from the two templates, not just the overwrite (in my example tag).

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