Incompatibility issue between Mollie payment provider plugin and BeTheme?

edited April 2023 in WooCommerce

I have at least 3 webshops that use the official Mollie payment provider plugin in combination with Betheme. That used to work fine, for many years without a problem.

But since not so long ago, a possible incompatibility issue on the checkout age has surfaced; when you are on the checkout page.

When you have multiple payment methods, you cannot select all, when you're lucky, just one shows to be selected.

But after some experimenting I found out that when you selct a payment method, and it does not show that it is selected, it in fact is selected (even though it doesn't show that). So you can proceed to the payment provider and get redirected to the correct payment method there.

But there is no-one that understands that of course.

I tried it with other themes activated and then there is no problem. I also reproduced the exact same issue at other webshops which have Betheme and the official Mollie plugin installed.

Also tried de-activating all other plugins, without result.

Mollie claims they have no known issues related to this. So I suspect that Betheme somehow is the cause of this problem. Perhaps due to ajax (is that used on the checkout page by betheme?)

I have sent website and login details through code canyon, referring to this post

To reproduce the issue, simply put something in the cart, go to the checkout page and try selecting different payment methods.


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