Secondary Menu | depth 2 (Split | depth 5) is not showing on mobile

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I have two menus, one is the the Main Menu and the other is the Secondary Menu which is shown on desktop above the Main Menu. But on mobile the secondary menu does not show.

I have set the menus in appearance->menus as:

Main Menu checked as: Main Menu | depth 5 (Overlay | depth 1)

Secondary Menu checked as: Secondary Menu | depth 2 (Split | depth 5) AND as Social Menu Top | depth 1

But how to get the secondary menu showing as well on mobile? I must be doing something wrong?


  • Hi,

    I suggest using Header Builder. Please see the following video tutorial:

    With it, you will be able to customize it in this way easily.

    Best regards

  • I tried it with the header template but cannot reproduce the original header the same way.

    For example: original is full width, header template shows boxed header with sace above and rvolution slider underneath the hader section and not under it.

  • Can you show me a screenshot of how this header looks, please?

    I can suggest how it might be achieved.

    Best regards

  • Please note the difference between the images with 'Template header' and 'Original header' (the way Template Headers needs to become).

    I have used a pre-built header to get started with the template header.

  • There is a possibility that the pre-built header you used has margins around sections.

    Open options of the section, and ensure that margin values are empty.

    Also, I do not know how you added the contact button to your template, but a button element is available, and it should not behave as in your screenshot.

    Best regards

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    Hi there,

    The margins are/were empty.

    The contact button comes from the pre-built header - only changed the text, color and link.

    I have sent you details via codecanyon. Hope you manage to get in, this client has strict security measures in place which I don't control.

    Please disable header again when you have checked it. Because it is a live website and the header first needs to be approved.

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    I created a new page for testing (BeSupport test page) and assigned a header template to it.

    I noticed that the header template does not assign, so I disabled your child theme, and the display was correct after that.

    Some of your modifications are the culprit.

    Best regards

  • Oh wow, thanks for clearing that.

    That can then only be originating from the child theme's modifications, correct?

    Can you please remove the screendump for privacy reasons?

  • That is right. After switching from child to parent theme, the display were correct, so the root cause is in the child theme.

    Sorry for posting the screenshot. I already removed it.

    Best regards

  • Thanks for explaining and all your help!

    Wesołego weekendu wielkanocnego!

  • Glad I could help, and thank you. 😁

    Best regards

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