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Error after 26.8.x update


I'm getting this error after the update of 26.8.x

i have already updated the edited files in child theme and now all is good


  • Hi,

    So you handled it?

    Does this or any other problem appear?

    Best regards

  • edited April 14


    Actually you do destroy all the custom work made in the child theme whenever you release a major change which will force me to modify all the custom work i have done in all clients websites :)

    You have serious pagespeed errors that needs to be fixed regarding ARIA roles which i always do in the child theme, but whenever a major change is released i will have to modify all once again to match with the main code in the main theme :)

    the current issue was caused by the popup builder codes which are not available in the old files i modified in the child theme theme-shortcodes.php theme-options.php and theme-woocommerce.php

    Thanks a lot for you support

  • Sorry, but we cannot take responsibility for your changes in the child theme. In our documentation, you can read:

    Using a child theme usually means that you want to modify the core theme files. Any mistake in the code may render the page unusable. Please be careful when performing such actions because our support policy does not cover such changes and we will be not able to help you.

    I hope you understand. 🙂

    Regarding pagespeed, our theme is currently looking at the aspects we can improve, and we hope to release an appropriate update soon.

    Best regards

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