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I cant update to last version of Betheme

I built a website on a temporary domain and when I finished to build that website I connect with the real domain. Now when i want to update the betheme I received an error message. Can be the problem that I have registered the theme with the temporary domain ?

Is there any way to fix it.

Im attached the error message and the temporary domain that I use to register the theme

Thanks in advance for any help !


  • Hey,

    Yes, this message means that your license key is used on multiple domains.

    All of the themes on the Envato market are under the same license, details: https://themeforest.net/licenses/standard

    You can use one license per end product to use any pre-built website you desire or mix them, but you cannot use the theme license on two domains.

    The only exceptions are for subdomains or subfolders. You can register unlimited subdomains with one license key, as long as the main domain is registered under the same key.

    This also applies to subfolders on localhost installations.

    You can also set up a staging domain if it follows an appropriate pattern.



  • Hi Phil,

    and how I can do now to fix this problem ? Can I deregister and register again ? should be a way to fix this issue ? when I paste the registration code was during the building process of one website over a temporary domain name. If you check the website https://www.lifeonroatan.com/ you can see that since the beginning I use the theme for the same project, was not the case where I try to register the theme to use in two different projects. Please let me know what I can do ?


  • Yes, you should deregister the license key and ensure that it is registered only on your main domain. Then you will be able to update your theme.

    If you want to use temporary/staging domain/s, they should be on the subdomain or follow the pattern from the last link I sent in my previous message.

    Best regards

  • ok Phil, when I do the procurement of deregister form temp domain and register again on the main domain can I loose or broke something on the website that is already done ? I should deregister and register again with the same registration code from the dashboard into wordpress ?


  • You will not lose or break anything because all data is stored in the database, and deregistering/registering the theme does not have an influence on that.

    If you are unsure, you can still create a backup with the Duplicator plugin.


    Best regards

  • ok perfect, and I should use the same registration purchase code when I re-register right ?

  • Yes, that is right, but remember not to have the license key registered on another domain, and if you want to register on a subdomain, it should be registered on the main one first.

    Best regards

  • Ok just to be sure and double check. When im starter the project for Life On Roatan, I installed be theme and I register the theme with the domain that bluehost provide me (rft.wxf.mybluehost.me) and then when the website project was finished bluehost move the whole site to lifeonroatan.com. So I can deregister from rft.wxf.mybluehost.me into be theme dashboard in wordpress and re register again with the same purchase code ? Please confirm.

    I send you attached a screenshot from where ill deregister and re register again.

  • If you finish working on the staging domain and want to move to the live one, you need to deregister your license key from the staging domain, remove your website from there, and register your license key on the live one.

    You can use the same license key and have the staging and live domain active simultaneously if the staging domain is a subdomain or it follows an appropriate pattern.

    Best regards

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