1.6 Be|Theme update kills sticky menu


When scrolling down and sticky menu activated - menu pages get smushed together. Was fine previous to update released today


  • Hi,

    it looks like your styles has not been refreshed. Please refresh your website (CTRL+F5) and see if this will help. If not, then please send us url to your website and we`ll check it. We need to check your website code because we didn`t noticed anything like that on our demo websites where we updated theme version as well.
  • Did all the clearout/refresh before posted as well with other browsers. I am installed locally to work offline atm.

    I also get this error under "offers" for a section when editing demo content to see how it was built. Saying about a no sidebar style needs to be selected, which it is.

  • edited June 2014
    About this warning we didn`t know and this will be fixed with next update. But this is just warning, nothing special and this is not the reason why new header styles doesn`t work. We think that we found the problem and this happen only on some servers as far as we know because on most works. The problem is with array_map() php function that probably is not supported. We will make update with next update but at this moment you need to do what we described on http://pastie.org/9253108

    However we got solution for this warning until update won`t be ready for download. In functions/meta-functions.php file in line 148 you need to replace below line:
    if( $item && key_exists( $field['id'] , $item['fields'] ) ){
    if( $item && key_exists( 'fields', $item ) && key_exists( $field['id'], $item['fields'] ) ){
    Hope this will help you :) Thanks for understanding!
  • Props for timely response
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