Live Search doesn't find everything

Hi, how can I make the LIve Search function search for all appearances of words in the content, for example employees' first names. The Live Search function looks cool but when I do the search I only get links to pages with the search terms in the title.


  • Hi,

    There is a bug with searching which will be fixed in the upcoming update.

    If we do not encounter any obstacles, we should release it on Monday.

    Best regards

  • I did do an update today. Was that included? Behavior seems the same. One test that I am doing is to type "Andrew" to see if it will find the "Meet Our Team" page, but it says no results. Does this test make sense to you? Client wants search to be able to show where words are found anywhere in the content.

  • Yes, this fix was included.

    Please go to Betheme -> Tools, use Analyze Builder content option, and recheck the search.

    Best regards

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