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Confused on how to create multiple category-specific shop pages

I've seen your video (https://youtu.be/d_pIKnewTO8) multiple times and read over your documentation and I'm still confused.

I want to make multiple shop pages for each of my major categories. So, for instance, if I owned a sporting goods store, I might want a specific shop page for baseball bats, another one for basketballs, etc.

I've been trying to achieve this by going to Templates -> Shop Achieves. Is this where I go to make each of my category-specific shop pages? Do I make a template for each category?

However, I'm unable to choose my custom header. And no matter what conditions I choose when I save my template, it still just shows all of my products.

If I go to Products -> Categories, I can see the unique shop pages there. But I don't see any options on where to customize anything (like choosing a header).

Please help me wrap my head around this process.




  • Hello,

    1) Yes, if you want to have different views for all categories, you need to prepare a template for each of them and assign to the appropriate category with conditions.

    2) What header do you refer to? Where do you want to assign it? Can you attach screenshots showing what you want to achieve, please?


  • This is a classic case of "I don't know what I don't know" so you need to talk to me like I'm a 5-year-old.

    So I made a couple of templates under the Shop Archive template. Where do I actually see those pages or put them to use?

    In regards to the header, I made a custom header template. But I don't see where I can choose that as an option when I make my category template. For example, I made a custom page template and that provides me the option to choose my Custom Header Template and my Custom Footer Template. But I don't see those options for the Shop Archive Template.

    I need you to please outline the steps I need to make after I create my template to actually see the category pages and put them to use because I am totally lost.



  • When you create a template, shop, or single product and click the update button, the popup will appear.

    Here you can choose to which category you want to assign it.

    Created templates will assign to the categories you choose in conditions but not to others.

    No template for the main shop page:

    It goes in the same way with the Header template.

    If something stays unclear, please let me know. 😉

    Best regards

  • This is what I'm still confused about:

    1. Where do you access the template files after you create them? For instance, when you create the Single Product Template, that is utilized through the products section. Or are the Shop Achieve pages the actual pages that end up being used?
    2. I'm still not able to obtain filtered results no matter what I choose in the conditions.


  • I think I figured it out. So the Shop Achieve templates affect the pages found on Products -> Categories? That is the part that was super confusing. Nowhere in your video is that mentioned.


  • Well, it is relatively straightforward. Shop archive templates affect all archive pages, or in other words, all pages where you display your product lists, so the main shop page and categories. So yes, they influence Products -> Categories.

    Single product templates determine the layout of the product page.

    Best regards

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