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Mobile Menu inaccessible

edited May 18 in Menu / Mega menu

Hi there. I need some assistance with the Be Builder menu. I'm developing a website and set up the mega menu via Be Builder. Unfortunately, I'm encountering some issues with this menu when I access the website from a smartphone. The website is an e-commerce and, therefore, I had to set many items and subitems in the menu I created. I noticed one can't browse the menu optimally from a smartphone because it doesn't allow the user to scroll up or down easily (it is somehow unresponsive) and many items remain inaccessible.

I'm wondering whether there Is any way to be able to use the old Be Theme mobile menu in smartphone view while still keeping the Be builder menu when the website is accessed from a desktop browser. Could you please provide any guidance on this?

The Website is:


I have checked the issue better so that I can clarify what the problem is. The Be Builder menu in smartphone view appears to have a fixed maximum height. Therefore, if the list of items I created in the menu exceeds that height, it is impossible to scroll up to the beginning of the list of items. Is there any way to change this height value? Because of this issue, it sometimes becomes impossible to collapse certain submenus.


  • Hi,

    Please put the following CSS code in Betheme -> Theme options -> Custom CSS & JS -> CSS.

    .mfn-header-tmpl-menu-sidebar .mfn-header-tmpl-menu-sidebar-wrapper {
     flex-wrap: wrap;

    Check if the problem persists when you add it.

    Best regards

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