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Header background and menu

I am having an issue matching the header and menu background colors, if you look at the sample image uploaded the blue behind the menu and just below my header image is not the same as the body color. I have adjusted the colors every where I can and they still do not match, can you advise please


  • Hi,

    Please always attach a link to your website so we can check it out. If the page is offline(localhost), then our help will be limited. You will have to contact us when the page is online. Also, please make sure that the page is not under maintenance before you provide us with the link.


  • The site is a staging site with a login, how do I send that privately?

  • I managed to fix this one, we can close the ticket

  • Ok, great to see that you handled it.

    If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask.

    Best regards

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