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Caption On hover

Ive searching, icon box, hover box, and other elements and i havent been able to find how to show the caption on hover in images or gallery. Is it possible and i am lost into so many options or am i dreaming (i think that i ve seen that with your theme somewhere)?

Thank you Phil, and i beg your pardon for such a stupid question but, i have been looking for this and didnt find it.


  • Hello,

    Do you have any examples or screenshots showing how it should look and work, please?

    I do not want to misunderstand you.


  • What i want is to show the caption:

    on hover only.

    like those links.

    But i dont want to show the caption if its not hover.

  • There is no such option for that, but it should be possible with some custom CSS code.

    You should contact the web developer regarding this.

    Best regards

  • thank god there is no option! I thought i was stupid. I am the developer : ) but i swear to you i have seen this in betheme. Maybe in version 1.3 or older.

    Anyway ill do it that way.

  • There is something similar but for the portfolio only.

    You can check that on the following pre-built website: https://themes.muffingroup.com/be/renovate5/our-work/.

    Possibly you remembered this option.

    Best regards

  • yeah that's it. Add it as a suggestion then!

    I added the class galeria-sin-caption and this does the thing. Thanks. The theme is great, but the support is awesome.

    .galeria-sin-caption .gallery-item .wp-caption-text {

    opacity: 0}

    .galeria-sin-caption .gallery-item:hover .wp-caption-text {

    opacity: 1


    .galeria-sin-caption .image_frame .image_wrapper .mask {

       display: none;


    .galeria-sin-caption .wp-caption-text {

       position: absolute;

       bottom: 0;

       width: 100%;

       transition: all 0.2s ease-in-out;


  • Thanks for sharing your solution.

    It will be helpful for others. 😉

    Best regards

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