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Top bar sticky top wrong top position when not sticky

I noticed a small bug, that can be very annoying.

Setting the Header style "Empty" and Sticky, when the page is loaded, and you scroll down immediately after, and scroll back to the top, the Top bar becomes invisible.

I noticed that waiting a 2/3 second after the page is loaded, this does not happen, but

I noticed that the problem is with the style top: 0px applied to #Top_bar when the class is-sticky is not present.

In my opinion, it is best removing the top style property, when the top bar is not sticky, since the top value is defined in the main CSS file, instead of setting it by JS.

You can see the problem here: https://lightmark.wmstaging.it/


  • Hi,

    It has to be calculated with JS because other stuff appears above the header or WooCommerce Store notice.

    As a fix, I can suggest using the following CSS code:

     top: 61px!important;

    Best regards

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