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I use the blog item of betheme.

Unfortunately, the links in the excerpts do not work there.

How can I make the links working?

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PS ("hier" should be a link)


  • it works now

    I think, I did that by myself, as I wanted to disable title links, when in a certain category.

    I did that with CSS, but didn´t apply it only to that respective category, instead it was configured for any post.

    And it was configured for the excerpt part as well (now I define it only for titles and links on images).

    Just in case, someone else has some similar requirement:

    .category-keine-weiteren-veranstaltungen .entry-title a,

    .category-keine-weiteren-veranstaltungen .post-title a,

    .category-keine-weiteren-veranstaltungen .post-featured-image a,

    .category-keine-weiteren-veranstaltungen .image_wrapper a{




    .home .category-keine-weiteren-veranstaltungen,

    .category-keine-weiteren-veranstaltungen .image_links{



  • Hi,

    Great to see that you handled it, and thanks for sharing your solutions.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions or problems.

    Best regards

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