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Highlight left and right sections not showing correctly on mobile

Hi, is there a way to set the prebuilt highlight left and right sections display one after another on mobile?

So at first I see the image and then the bacground with text, now it displays with a glitch, in one case it's not showing the picture, and in the other the text is over the picture.



  • Hi,

    In the wrap with the image put a divider element.

    Best regards

  • Hmmm, but there is only one wrap in the prebuilt section i used, the image is in the section background, I cannot place the divider on the picture, only above the text.

  • There are no obstacles to put there a wrap with this divider.

    It will not break your layout.

    Best regards

  • I mean I cannot place it on the picture (drag and drop), as shown in your screen, the only place where I can put it in that section, is as you can see above, and that changes the layout.

    So I don't really understand.

  • OK managed to put the new wrap with the divider but it didn't solve the problem

    What's more on Iphone I can see grey background instead of the picture that is shown in the mobile preview.

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