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CSS disappeared - but not in Admin?


Forgive me if a similar post has been made. I searched high and low but might have used the wrong terms.

The issue

I have made a Betheme site on ip 1234566...

Our old site was placed on URL XYZ

When I was done with the new Betheme site, my colleague switched ips on the two machines, so the betheme site was now responding to URL XYZ and the old site was shown at ip 1234566...

However, after the change it is as if the css doesn't work any longer but only frontend. When I go to admin and press edit with BeBuilder the pages look exactly like I want them to.

Additionally, I cannot add pre-built sections any longer either.

I have of course cleared cache (several times)

What can I do to sort it?

Here's a few examples

Number one - homepage of https://begavetmedglaede.dk/


Same page but In admin -> editing with BeBuilder. There it looks like it's supposed to:

Example two - https://begavetmedglaede.dk/charter/


In admin -> Edit with BeBuilder:

To me it looks like CSS isn't working.

Hoping for your help. Thank you.

All the best,



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