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Action button next to hamburger icon

I have chosen the following header:

Only on the homepage the header is transparant (I do not want that on other pages). I would like to display the action button in the menu (and not only in the side slide). How do I do that?

I tried making a header template, but I have the following problems:

  • The side slide does not look good at all (alignment text, text doesn't go to next line, no action button, no social icons, etc.)
  • I cannot find where I can make the menu full width
  • I would like the menu to display transparant only on the homepage. I can only make it appear in front of the slider when I use a negative margin (however, it uses this margin for the entire site).

Is there an easier way to display the action button next to the hamburger icon in the menu?

Website: https://www.ibalansz.nl/


  • Hi,

    Using the header builder is a good approach for that.

    1) With this header style, there is no option to put an Action Button next to the hamburger menu icon. To achieve that, you must use the header builder, but at the moment, there is an option to add an action button or icons to the side slide in the hamburger menu. We are working on the builder for that, but at the moment, it has to be done by a custom. Please see the following link:


    2) Open the section options, and there you can set up the full width option.

    3) You can create two templates, one with a condition assigned to the entire site with a solid background and one with transparent background assigned in the home page options.

    Best regards

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