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Search isn't recognizing SKUs


If you go to my site and search for SKU "ACPN-CR-100", there are no matching results.

However, here's the product page with the matching SKU: https://staging2.moreclickable.com/product/colorectal-cancer-panel-sequencing-library-preparation-kit/

I went to Betheme -> Tools, used the Analyze Builder option, refreshed the site and then rechecked the search with no changes.

Please advise. Thanks.


  • Hi,

    Betheme base on the WordPress search feature.

    If you would like to enable search for SKU, you would have to use a plugin for that or modify the files but we do not provide help with such customization.

    Best regards

  • I don't know what the "WordPress search feature" is. But within Wordpress admin, it recognizes the SKU numbers when I search that way. I would just think that any text that shows up on a webpage should be recognized by search 🤷‍♀️

  • I meant the native search built into WordPress.

    See the following screenshots:

    As you can see, even in a default theme, WordPress does not handle searching for SKUs, and we base on the same functionality.

    If you would like to make it work, you would have to use some plugin or modify the files, as I mentioned before.

    Best regards

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