Errors in console


I attached a screenshot. Can u help us to understand if we need to fix this errors or is it normal to get from revolution slider/elementor? What is missing from the plugins?



  • Hi,

    No, you do not have to fix these.

    They are just warnings that do not have an impact on your website functionality.

    Best regards

  • Yes, but there is no option to hide or disable them? I think that this is not right to be showed for other people...

  • We are not the authors of these plugins, so you should contact their support instead.

    In general, if the severity of the alerts is such that it necessitates action, they would be classified as errors.

    Warnings typically indicate potential mistakes or issues the browser has detected but is not entirely certain about.

    If the warnings pertain to JavaScript, it would be advisable to address them. CSS warnings, on the other hand, are generally less critical. CSS involves various browser-specific idiosyncrasies and occasionally requires workarounds to achieve desired results, making it challenging for the browser to definitively identify what should be considered "bad". It is not uncommon for numerous CSS warnings to appear, many of which can be disregarded.

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  • Okay, then we'll leave them alone. Thanks!

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