Help me understandi - De-registering !!

OK i have developed a website on (the theme is registered) - we have now moved a copy to - The both look to be registered ! ThEn i went and De-registered it via this link:

on - it still says its registered !!!

What excactly am i supposed to do after moving a copy to the new domain ? Can i by mistake to somethin that makes it not work on the new domain - its really important i dont make the new site not wotk by doing something wron !!!




  • Does the site just not work from the moment i de-register the theme ?

  • Hi,

    The site will work for the moment of the deregistering, but when you finish migrating your website, you must remove your website from the old domain. Using one license for multiple domains (except subdomains and staging domains) violates license terms and conditions, and your license might be blocked, but for the migration process, it is not a problem at all.

    So the process should look like this: creating a copy of your website (we suggest using the Duplicator plugin for that), putting it on a new domain, deregistering the license from an old domain, registering it on a new one, ensuring that everything works, remove website from the old domain.

    Best regards

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