How to upload videos on videos on sliders


how can you use videos on a wrap loop function?

I'm trying to create a wrap loop on the portfolio to show different videos not just images in a portfolio page, but i'm wondering if its possible how to upload videos, and if yes, how.



  • Hi,

    Do you have some examples of how it should look and work? If yes, can you send it, please? I do not want want to misunderstand you.


  • like this, but instead of a picture in there, to actually be a video

  • You can do that if you base your loop on posts.

    You need to create posts with the format set to Video and video selected in post options.

    When you do that, create a query loop based on posts, add Plain text/HTML element to it, and put there the following construction:

     <video width="100%" height="auto">
     <source src={postmeta:mfn-post-video-mp4} type="video/mp4">

    Best regards

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