Licence not working

Hi, Team

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I use above licence in that IP; do work as demo

Then import to

Now I canot update theme

I deregister ( through

How Can I update my theme

Now this IP is deleted, So I canot Deregister from there


One more question

I insatll one more speed optimization plugin like litespeed and wp optimiztion

now some pages are not showing - If I reinstall the theme - Can I solve it


How Can I remove shipping from Cart sidebar popup

image attached


  • Hi,

    1) Please do not share your license key here because others can see it.

    If you are having issues with deregistering your license key, want to manage your license key, or, most importantly, want to deregister a website that has been removed without deregistering it first, head to this topic:

    There you will find instructions and a link to our license tool.

    2) Regarding problems that occurred after these plugins activation, you should contact their support instead.


  • I had to restore backups of 16th july because of plugin issue

    Now the theme not showing updated version, what should I do it for this, not register anywhere

    Any option to hide shipping chage from pop up cart when we add product product in add to cart show the banner

    plz find attached image

  • 1) To update the theme, you must have the license key registered in Betheme -> Dashboard.

    2) If you want to hide this part of side cart, use the following CSS code:

    .mfn-cart-holder .mfn-chft-subtotal,
    .mfn-cart-holder .mfn-chft-row-shipping{
       display: none!important;

    Put it in Betheme -> Theme options -> Custom CSS & JS -> CSS.

    Best regards

  • Hi, Team,

    I am facing some problem, I dont know it is from server or webiste

    Please find attached file

    If we login website, some pages not get editing tool bar on top

    server is hostinger, if we clear cache from CDN, it will work, on the next day the same problem happaend,

    when the problem is happend, any updation do in website not see in website, if we changed the theme also not see, only betheme show, but clear the cache from CDN it will show.

    I contact hostinger support - they told install latest version theme, and deactivated the plugin, and change the theme and check it, I did that but no result,

    The problem happend in 18 th - we install some seo plugin like wp optimize, litespeed, now not in use ,

    If the problem happend, I restore the backups of 16 th, 12 th and 17 th, no backups work with properly, since 18th the problem see,

    Any option to solve the issue.

  • From what you described it seems that your CDN is misconfigured, and it is all on the server side, especially if switching to another theme does not work.

    You should stay in touch with your hosting provider to correct that.

    Best regards

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