Submenu displays staying ON

We are creating a new website and using the dropdown mega menu to display a Menu with Submenus. As those submenus display, they DO NOT TURN OFF again, they remain on as the other submenus try to display through each other.

You can find this menu as the dark blue button labeled BROWSE ALL PRODUCTS. Tap that and go do a submenu like "MENS"

I couldn't find anything in the settings that seemed to address this. Could you let me know if you have some support for this topic. Thanks in advance. – Will


  • Hi,

    There is no option for that yet, but I passed it to the dev team, and we will correct that.

    Best regards

  • Thank you - I'll keep close to hear about the update. We are hoping to launch our site in a week... so I'll have a backup if I can't use this control. Appreciate it! Thanks again.

  • We are going to change the menu (to not have the fly out menus, as they do not disappear once opened), so our site link won't show the error occurring, but you have the screen shot from my 1st message. Thanks, Will

  • We have implemented a fix for that in the newest version (27.1.4).

    Please update your betheme, and a submenu will work correctly.

    Best regards

  • Thank you for that update - we updated the theme and now have operable dropdown / fly-out menus. Thanks!

    It seems in the update to the theme, the 'demo-site' theme that we are working from had changed in the way it showcased the Single Product page and it's display image and thumbnails. It looks like everything got crunched up tight together (I tried to achieve some space as it has before with borders)--- BUT the real issue is that the main display image doesn't size right, and ofter show a sliver of the next image beside it to the right. Something is going on.

    Not sure how to proceed - I did a 'regenerate thumbnails' to see if that helped. Didn't seem to.

    Here is a reference link:

    Thanks for any quick help on resolving this as we aim to launch our site tomorrow and this display has now changed it's

    behavior. Thank you -= Will

  • It looks like if you (on the desktop) resize the browser-- that extra sliver piece BLINKS OFF and disappears. We found that even on the feature image display that looks correctly framed when you resize the browser it auto-sizes and is then showing the REAL ASPECT RATIO of that image.

    Do you know how to correct this?

  • I checked that with Firefox and Chrome but could not achieve the display from your screenshot.

    Please, turn off all of the plugins, refresh your cache, and check if the problem persists.

    Moreover, if you use a child theme, switch to parent, and recheck it.


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