Be Builder Live Preview different from Wordpress preview

edited July 2023 in BeBuilder

I'm working with the Be Builder and the position of the different elements (Text, images) in the live preview is different from the real preview which I get when I click on "Update" -> "View page". Here the Text, which was shown vertically centered has moved to the top of the section, same to the image: There is no more space between the image and the header, as it should be and has been shown in the Be Builder. In the next section I had an image in the background using parallax effect. In the Be Builder preview it's dimensions look perfect, but again, when I switch to "View Page", it's way to narrow (vertically), different to how I see it on the Be Builder.

So the dimensions and positions of elements in the Be Builder preview and in the real preview are not the same and apart from that I don't find a way to adapt them or to solve the problem. Any suggestions? Or do you need more information?


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