BeBuilder changes not taking effect, sizing of content boxes not working, etc etc etc

I am making changes in the Builder to my website and most of the changes are not taking effect when I preview the website. Content styles, typography, wrap sizing, spacing, etc. None of it seems to be working correctly and is making my update process long, tedious, and frustrating. The preview for tablet and mobile sites looks terrible as well. I can see the changes I make in the Builder preview window, but when I update and check the site nothing is sticking or it is jacking up what I have entered into it. I need help.


  • Hi,

    Please always attach a link to your website so we can check it out. If the page is offline(localhost), then our help will be limited. You will have to contact us when the page is online. Also, please make sure that the page is not under maintenance before you provide us with the link.

    But before that, please update Betheme to the newest version, and check if the problem persists.

    Best regards

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    1.) I have worked through some of the issues I was having (By "worked" I mean stumbled) but I am still have trouble with pages sizes using the wraps. I was able to resize some page wraps and get the pages to scroll correctly, but I am having no luck getting the Contact & Schedule page of my site to resize in order to show as it's own section as you will see. The wrap doesn't respond when I save changes. I am not understanding how the sections are working either. I get that they are tied to the page tag (#frontpage) or whatnot, but I am not seeing where I can create and designate which sections relates to what page. I just edited the sections according to where I wanted them on the site, but if I want to add or shuffle pages (sections) I am lost.

    2.) On the page described above, I am not able to insert a contact form. I have tried the <code> element, text, and the contact form I build in Fluent Forms does not show. Its blank. It did the same thing with Contact Form 7. I try inserting the shortcode just as I have before on another BeTheme page I used that worked, but it's like there is nothing there. I looked for answers but couldn't find anything on this subject. I don't want my contact info shown on the page because of spam I'll incur as a result, so i want a contact form so that my email will be masked at least. How can I add a contact form?

    3.) If you look at the SERVICES page, I used the Article Box element to display service items. However; I changed the typography to resize and colorize the slogan and title. In BeBuilder the changes look the way I want it to look. (See image) but on the published page, it's like non of my changes took effect at all. How can I remedy this?

    Thanks for the help. These are the last steps to finish up my page so I am looking forward to getting it all patched up.



  • 1) Please head to the documentation, where you will find information about anchor links:

    You can check our video tutorial, too:

    2) The code element is not for parsing the shortcodes but for displaying raw text. For displaying shortcodes, you should use a Column Text element or Plain Text/HTML element with shortcode parsing enabled.

    3) Article boxes from your screenshot from the builder look exactly the same for me on the live page.

    Did you handle this?

    Best regards

  • Well, in regards to your item 3), I don't know what I did... i just did the same thing over and over again and then left it out of frustration and came back to it later and it looked right. I thought maybe you had done something.

    1. That document about the anchor links isn't helping me because section 5 (Go to page editing, find section/item/text and set same ID as you used for the link, but without #) is unclear to me. I also watched the video and If I go to the EDIT PAGE button while on the contact section as indicated, I don't see anything about CONTACT on the screen. It is only showing the HOME page editing in the builder and things do not look at all like the video..(see screenshot) ... So i am stuck and can't link my menu to my contact section now. It was linking to that section before, but I evidently did something while trying to resolve the second issue below. -
    2. The page sizing is still messed up. I cannot get my pages to show as one section when the button on the menu is clicked. If you click through the menu you'll see that the ABOUT and SERVICE pages bleed/overlap over each other and it looks like garbage to me. I have tried adjusting the height of elements, sections, wraps to space them out. Nothing is helping.

    I haven't even gotten around to trying to solve the contact form issue because I keep running into these issues.

  • 3) No, we did not. Sounds like it's cache just like in 99.9% of cases.

    1) You are in the wrong place. The link clearly shows that links has to be set under Appearance -> Menus which is wp's functionality and has nothing to with the theme itself.

    2) If you mean this padding you should remove it from that section as you set it up yourself.

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    1.) I think I got this figured out, although the support doc could be a little more clear or explanatory, but I finally got it. Makes some sense after figuring it out.

    2.) I have removed this padding and still the page does not display correctly. I make changes to the sizing of wraps, I add place holders to try to use up space, I adjust a number of things and my ABOUT, SERVICES, and GALLERY pages are not the right size and are not displaying the changes I make. The top of the ABOUT page is visible on the HOME page, content is cut off at the bottom of the content for the ABOUT page and you can clearly see that ABOUT and SERVICE are not the correct size, as I am trying to fill the page so they are soley visible when using the menu to skip to them. I clear the cache, change browsers, etc and nothing is working. I have worked on this for weeks when this was supposed to be a 1 week turn-around.

    What am I missing on the sizing of wraps and elements. Should my page not appear as I see it in the editor before publishing changes?

    Oh, Also, this site is not responsive AT ALL to mobile display. It has a menu for mobile use, but the pages are oversized, not aligned, etc, etc, why is that? It looks like garbage on both mobile and tablet, even in the previews in BeBuilder.

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    I think i have a similar problem… in BeBuilder everything looks as it have to, BUT in the live views NOTHING CHANGE anymore. There is a completely different look. Font Sizes Padding etc. …

    As sample in the BeBuilder I centered the headline in element formatting and meanwhile also in wrap formatting BUT in the live view the headline stays on the left side. I ve made it completely new. But with the same frustrating result. Font Sizes, Padding most of the website design looks different in the live view - since update 27….

    I really need information how to fix that. And please pardon me, but… there re often responsibility problems since I check out the BeTheme. I don’t want to fix or check problems all the time, especially because I’m not a pro.


  • @focalpointok Sure, in frontend, pages should look same as in the backend. What builder do you use? Old fashined blocks builder or BeBuilder? If you use the first one, please update theme and check if this helps. But, if you use the BeBuilder and site doesn't look in fronted same as in backend, please send us the WordPress dashboard and FTP access privately thru the contact form, which is on the right side at, and we will check what might be the reason.


    Please attach a link to this forum discussion.

    Sending incorrect or incomplete data will result in a longer response time.

    Therefore, please ensure that the data you send are complete and correct.

    @eliteSKweb Any issue you've faced with has nothing to with the theme and we may easily prove that. But you have to send us private message so we may check what's the real problem (in 99.9% of cases it's due to wordpress configuration or server issues). There is really no need to get frustrated as it has nothing to with the Be!

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    Thanx for that really fast feedback! That’s great!

    But the answer you given I can recommend

    The WordPress is UptoDate the newest Version - there’s no newer one

    The Server is a Provider Server - one of the best in Germany named Strato

    and I only use the BeBuilder

    i just use the simplest version, no complex plugins or cookies or extern potential

    i build from scratch just drag and drop nothing difficult

    i like it so! But I wondering why there are problems like I describe….

    Especially because I perspectivly want use plugins and shop etc.

    I am completely with you that so the BeBuilded Design have to look like the Views and Previews!

    But it isn’t…!

    As if the Problem is the BeTheme - where is the problem? I see no problem in services or kind of that, just in formatting and that can be fixed by you Professionals- that’s all.

    If I do something wrong, I have to know, then I can also fix it - that’s it

    Thanx if you can really help!

    sunny greetings

  • @eliteSKweb Please send the message with further details (wp admin and link to page where content in the BeBuilder is different than in frontend) and we will gladly assist you.

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    I am sending over the info. I am using BeBuilder all the time. It is updated. At this point, no changes to any element sizing is working at all. Shows in the builder, but not when I load the site for a live preview. Incredibly frustrating!

  • Hi,

    We checked your site. In the 'About' section you use 1/1 columns, however in 'Services' you use 3/4 width so content has different width. The page should look the same in BeBuilder as after saving. If this is not the case, please send admin access with a link to this topic.

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